Thursday, March 5, 2015

new steel and wlanut pool table

ok .. we've gopt another steel and wlanut pool table going here .. same as the one below from 2012, only an 8 footer instead of a full size 9 foot table .. it's going to be just as cool though .  
click the photos to enlarge them
we added an adjustable feature to the leg as the last building was not as level as some ...
lots of parts with angles
sam took all the measurements and angles from the cad drawing above and trevor whipped up some welding jigs for him on the cnc

end jig
long side

we assembled the base as soon as sam had it welded up.  we'll do the patina on the steel after the rail and cushion work are completed .. even after at least 15 tables, we occasionally refer to a fine woodworking article by paul bowman from 1989.

this client requested steel diamond sights to go with the base .. i started with some 1/8 by 1/2" steel and made a jig to cut the diamonds on a 45 degree angle .. it was fussy, but once i go tthe set up, it was easy to make the ones i needed, plus an extra set for next time.

chris and trevor worked on the rails and diamond inlays this week .. we're awaiting the arrival of the custom pockets, which could hold us up for a week or so .. we'll see
that gave us some time to work on the cue rack, and all it needs now is some final sanding and staining and some patina on the steel parts .. 

so more photos as we progress .. there is quite a long blog post on the first table, and this one will be more or less the same ... we like pool tables ... here's a link to some others we've made over the years and lots of links to other blog posts at the end of that post as well as in the category heading to the right called
i'm a pool player and we always enjoy a new challenge ...
the table was finished before the builder ...

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