Monday, June 13, 2016

another round one

here we go again ... time to think up a name for this design ... i think this is the fourth or fifth
version of this design we have done .. in the early stages above, it's a 48" round and will have two 24" leaves.  the halves of the base will move as the top expands ..
the revised cad drawing below
the first one, in the picture at the top, was a 60" round with three 18" leaves
you can see more versions of it in this slide show
light stain, dark stain, black, natural .. lots of choices ...
trevor, in the earlier stages, working on the base part joinery
gluing up the aprons here, which he angle cuts on the cnc after they set up ..
ready for aprons on the leaves and the angled apron cuts ..
ok .. the aprons are angled and the bottom edge of the top is beveled ..
a little sanding and scraping and we're ready for finish  ..

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

a visitor from italy

had a visitor from italy yesterday .. actually the visitors were local, but the table has been in their family since it was new in the mid 1800s .
 basically, it just had a little issue with the drawer runners, and they didn't want to touch the finish,
which i was very happy about
 we tuned it up and it is good to go .. click the pictures to enlarge them and check out the fine inlays ..
really nicely done.  i particularly liked the burnt shadings, the 'spectators' around the oval, the ribbon and the tapered leg inlays ..
a classic ... good for another hundred at least ..

Sunday, June 5, 2016

a custom claro walnut slab table

we finished one claro walnut slab table a week or so ago, and now we've 
got another, longer version of it in the works.

our new clients stopped by and saw the one above in the shop.  
they liked the base and wondered if it could work on a longer table ..

we made a concept model, which they liked, and we were off ..
we picked a slab from our friends at goodhope hardwoods
 sam had a convenient hole in his schedule and was able to get the two base parts welded up ..
here's one of them with the model on top of it.. almost ready for the bronzy patina ..
which seemed a little bigger once it arrived ..

after a short wrestling match, the four of us got it onto trevor's bench

where he worked his magic on what we decided was the top so that
the clients could have a look when they came by today to discuss the final cuts
to length and width .. we're not taking too much off it ..
i rough sanded a small area and put some finish on it so they could choose between 
a satin and dull rub sheen ... we're going with the dull rubbed
nice figure !!!  more as we progress .. 
6/6 .. all trimmed up today ... a little video of that process at this link .. 

below with my stihl chain saw and matching sneakers and  headphones ..
6/14 .. sam's got the base finished and ready to go ..

Sunday, May 29, 2016

open studio update

ok .. doors open in 3 hours .. kit still has to set up her jewelry, but the case is in place and she should have plenty of time ... the shops are REALLY clean, and i have just a few last minute details to attend to ... prices, road signs, sweep the office .. etc.  the weather is beautiful though hot ... come by if you can ...lots to see.
the big claro table is still here .. and isaiah finished the leather yesterday .. the benches still 
need finishing on the wood but the curved steel bases by sam are ready to go.  and there is a partially finished claro slab in the foreground, looking for a home ..
we have another area with a few smaller pieces for sale ..
i've got my paintings hung for their first public appearance .. nice to see them all lined up
panoramic of the metal shop
 another shot of the claro walnut slab for sale
the cnc area is cleaned up pretty nice .. that's will shop in the background
a guitar will finished recently ... had to learn some new skills, like metal spinning for this one ..
and the jewelry is out!

light turnout yesterday .. hoping for more folks today ...

Monday, May 23, 2016

open studi0 2016

ok ... here we go again .. it's open studio time .. kit and sam and i are going to have a good time setting up for open studio this year .. there will be lots to see from jewelry to metal working to woodworking, pottery and possibly a few of my paintings and sculptures ..  here's just a sample .. i'll ad more as we get it together ..
this coming saturday and sunday, 10-5 both days .. come by if you can ...
we are one mile up danby mountian  road from route 30 in dorset, vt .. 23 goodwood lane, one the left ..
click the photos to enlarge them ...
some of kit's new pieces in labradorite and kyanite ..
i'll have this slab available to be something .. also some base sketches and suggestions .. 
this is a model, but the actual slab will be here and sam will have the base in process. 
this one is a work in process, but it will definitely be finished by the weekend ..
more photos as the week progresses .. stay tuned ..
 a cherry 'bethlehem stell' bureau
steel and painted oak coffee table
some of my paintings will be hung up and for sale
 and some pottery

below are some links and open studio photos from previous years.
open studio 2015

Sunday, April 24, 2016

claro walnut slab tables

finishing up a couple of claro walnut slab projects next week.  above is the slab we started with for a dining table that will go in a half round room about 10' in diameter ... the drawing is below.  
click the photos to enlarge them ...
here's the finished table .. the story is below
typically before i actually purchase the slab, i will crop it to size in photoshop and often, can erase the dimensions with the 'rubber stamp' tool ... that gives us and the client and idea of the final shape.  in this case, i actually made a full size cardboard template for then to try in the room for a while ... here's the drawing ...
and the model below, with a new base design
painted mdf base, 1" = 1' scale .. picture of the slab glued to the mdf top
the base only ...
the base rectangles are actually welded now ...
and the slab is filled and has its first coat of finish .. 
the steel will have our 'bronzy' patina when it is finished
the base is welded up now .. ready for patina
before the final cut to length
we use aero marine clear epoxy fill, #300/21.  scroll down on the epoxy page .. we outline the cracks with a couple layers of tape and then fill to the top of the tape, which after a tiny bit of settling, allows us to
scrape it to a level filled finish.
the second, (and there is actually a third shown briefly in this post) is a largeish coffee table, 
about 46" wide by 66 " long by 15.5" high .. same process ..
first a drawing with the cropped slab photo ...

in this case, we made a full size painted mdf mockup to confirm the proportions ..

 5/2 .. all in all done .. good to go.
it'll be off to providence next week or the week after ... 
more on the '3rd' project as it progresses ... it is being made from slab cts#23
and it has some cracks, but also some seriously dramatic crotch figure ... the first stage
of the clear fill is hardened and we are awaiting delivery of another batch on monday ...