Monday, January 7, 2019

Stuff for sale

Having scaled back my back my business a bit, and given some shop space to Will, 
I now have some extra tools on hand that are looking for a new home.  They are all in decent shape for used stuff, and ready to plug in and go to work.  There are a bunch of them, so this will be a longish post.  Some prices are firm, and some are more negotiable than others.  Call or email if you want to discuss any of these items.  contact info on the home page. Thanks! And happy new year.
all stuff to be picked up in dorset, vermont or blanket wrapped shipped by my local shipper .. not crating here.  we'll start off slow and work up to the good stuff ...
tormek super grind 2000 ... some accessories .. lightly used
$350.  ....   SOLD !!
radial arm saw .. sears .. 1980s .. 10"  i admit not many folks 
use these these days but we rough cut boards to length with it for 35 years
works good  ... $100.
a sandblast cabinet and gun and portable set up
it's not mine, but the owner can't take it back, and i need to get it out 
of my garage ... all hoses and fittings, etc.  it may need some work as we have 
not used it for at least five years .. $250. .. negotiable

i have two shapers and i'm willing to sell one of them.
delta workhorse shaper .. two fences, small and large with dust collection hood... 
the other cast iron wing can be found
220, reversing motor and 1/2', 3/4" and 1" spindles.  
custom paint job by sam and will circa 1992.
 the other one is below
large fence with dust collection hood, 220, reversing motor,
custom knife head shown is not included, but other knife holders
and knives are available
shaper only, with fence and other cast iron wing, 1/2 and 3/4 spindles
$1450. excellent condition ..
both shapers are tapped for this power feed.
variable speed, reversing motor, 110
not sure if i want to sell it but i am willing to negotiate a package deal 
for either shaper that might include the shaper, the power feed, and some 
cope and stick cutters and assorted custom knives.  photos available ..
call to discuss this .. 802-867-5541

blue hole royalex river canoe .. indestructible!
great shape .. $300. firm. includes one paddle and one semi ratty life jacket
a powermatic floor model mortiser .. model 219a?
no tilting table.  mobile base
1/4",5/16ths, 3/8ths" ,1/2", 5/8ths and 3/4" bits, 
all in good shape .. sharpening lesson included
$850. takes it all away ...
antique (1950s) delta homecraft 8" saw
home built mobile base and dust box.  original fences and boxes! i think.
3/4 horse ... smooth and quiet ... my first table saw ..
rockwell 10" contractors saw, 110/220, 1.5 hp,
mobile base and dust box .. motor unplugs for moving
was a great second saw in my shop for years
all cast iron top and accurate fence ... $450.
better photo possible on request.
a very fine piece of vermont verde antique marble
20 x 66 x 1.125 .. would make a great coffee table 
or console top.  all edges polished
$500. a smaller matching piece, same marble, +/- 12 x 24 also .. $150.
and for you die hard film fans out there, a 2.25" square 
rolleiflex.  takes pictures almost as sharp as this one i took 
with my iphone.  just googled it .. BIG BUCKS! 'COLLECTIBLE'  who knew?
$550. buy it now ...
all for now .. more to come ... 
stanley 45 molding plane .. a classic ,
original set of cutters, all in a custom pine
box by dan ... perfect shape .. $250.
if i had to guess, i'd say i made the box in 1978, 
while i was still a carpenter ... i remember being very proud of it .
nice wood jointer plane .. 26" ?  at least
perfect sole and a good iron and chip breaker .. $85.00
made in poland machinist's height guage also in
a fine wooden storage box ... 
comes with a 12 x 18 x 2.5" granite flat test plate by metroplate
take it all for $200.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

a custom stair rail

just before christmas we installed the final sections of 
this custom stair rail a local clients house. 
we have been working with this client for, literally, years ... 
we made seme nice cherry shelves when my brother in law was
redoing the masonry of the fireplaces, and then a few years back we made
a nice cherry bar ... here's a link to that project
and after that we made four new vanities, also in cherry ...
we talked about replacing the existing stair rail for 
quite a while, and i made several sketches and drawings, 
finally settling on the tapered 3/8th steel spindles we had 
cut by wayne jones metal shop and his cnc plasma cutter.
from the cad drawing we made some full size mdf templates 
that we checked and adjusted (slightly), on site
since they were to be finished with a custom powder coat by
we test fitted them before the powder coat, which
turned out to be a good plan in one case ... 

anyway, the finish was beautiful.
it was a 'translucent' powder finish which meant the
fabrication marks were still somewhat visible giving the 
railing more of a 'handmade' look.
we made the handrails in the wood shop and installed the last sections the day
before the clients arrived for the holidays .. nip and tuck ...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


well ok .. Happy New Year !!!
wishing you and your families a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!
and even though i claimed to be 'over the hump' back in october,
it is only actually this week that i truly am over it ... i just noticed that for the first time in over 10 years i did not write a blog post for over two months ... hard to imagine, but now i am back.
we had a very relaxing new years eve at  home for only the second time in
oh, 37 years?  until last year, we had a yearly ongoing party with the same folks, at the same house.
since 1981. when there were seven pregnant ladies in attendance .. 6 boys in that crop.
starting the new year with a clean slate in my to do book ...  several confirmed projects 
on the list, a new table order today, and some other possibilities likely ...
looks like a good start
i even had some time yesterday for a drawing and a painting ..
'story books' above, and 'fireworks' below 
 2019 here we come ...

Sunday, October 28, 2018

over the hump day 10 / 28

i think in the future, october 28th will be known as 'hump day', a personal holiday for me,
celebrating the transition to semi retirement.  office furniture in the new office ... all customer
furniture either delivered or on the road for delivery early this week.
and there was A LOT of it that had to leave in the last two weeks ..

there was the burl stuff .. a giant burl wall piece about 5' high x 6' wide
pictures on my instagram page ... 
i will post them here tomorrow
and along with that installation were two 'floating' side tables and
a 45" x 8' burl sculpture/mirror .. the clients selected the wood personally 
and let me just have at it ... great project, great clients!

and for the same clients,we also made an unusual claro walnut 
wall piece, and we'll add some side tables
for that once the room is finished ... 

and we did a complex drawer replacement project there after the clients installed a 
new commercial grade gas stove ... our part was easy, the vent, not so much!

and then there was the claro walnut stuff .. just a 45" x 122" table 

and a small one, only about 30" x 60" for different clients ... 

and a 36" x 108" x 1.5" walnut top below, with a nice 'brown finish'  i realize now
that i never even took a photo of the top of the table .. the base
is a commercially available piece selected by the designer and installed on site.
and then there was the 60" round we've been
holding till the apartment in nyc was finished ...
the builder says he'll finish 'this week' .. same design as the one below,
but 60" instead of 54" and dull instead of semi gloss ...
and we delivered a long held project, some of which we finished in the early summer ..
the mahogany table above and the 54" round game table below ..

worth the wait though .. it went to a spectacular restored
5 bay boathouse on lake george, about an hour and a half west of here.
lake george is famous as a summer retreat, hosting in the past
such luminaries as georgia o'keefe and david smith, 

you can read more about the boathouse project at this link
it was an amazing, almost hard to believe project. worth a read ..
almost forgot this one .. we finished it a couple weeks ago but it just was delivered the week before last .. super little mid century table in a super spot ...
what else?  a couple of interesting repairs, a new skylight, appliances, and an apartment
in the main shop building for will.  we also moved his workshop to the main floor
and finished the new office .. 

the six months in 1999 when we sold our house in arlington in april, built 
a new house in the summer, moved my shop into its current location and moved into 
our new house in november was pretty intense, but we were all 20 years younger then.
the last four or 5 months have been a close second.
 and i am 20 years older, which counts for sure.
all smiles now though ... 😁

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


lately, loyal readers may have noticed that i haven't been posting very much to this blog ...
big changes are afoot here  ....  as of now, i am stepping
back a bit from almost 40 years of custom furniture making ... 
i am not 'retiring' per se, but after a four month warning to the guys,
 i no longer have employees in the wood shop, and i am giving
most of that shop space over to our son will and his business,
seeders instruments ... 
his business is growing, and there was no room in the current 
shop configuration for him to expand.  i informed my employees back on 
memorial day that i will soon be back where i started in 1979, working by myself on
things i can handle by myself, with the occasional assistance from sam or will 
rather than the wife, kit, who helped me in the shop a bit back in the 70s.  no more 14' slab tables or (probably) pool tables.  no more payroll and payroll taxes. no unemployment tax and simple iras and health insurance. no paid vacations, and all the responsibility that goes along with having three or four employees.
i will certainly miss them and the 'socialness' and brainstorming sessions in our workspace, 
but at 71, my 'executive function' seems harder to summon, and the naps on the couch after lunch seem a bit too short.  fortunately, i have had plenty of time for golf and paddle tennis and tennis over the last few years and i am in shape for more of that.  hopefully the body will hold up.  

so, 18 years in this space, a few over 20 in the last shop ... what a mess i have created.
but i'm working through it now ... cleaning ... reorganizing ... rethinking ... it is an amazing process.
i wish i had had the time, money and brain space to put the thought into
the shop back in 2000 that i have put into it in the last 3 months ...
over my entire time in business, it seemed there was always 
another project to design, a job to get, a schedule to organize, etc. etc. and i just let
my employees wing it in the shop.  i have been pecking away the last few months, nights and weekends ... organizing the lumber, the veneers, the clamps (!), redoing the dust collection,
etc. etc. etc.  i have moved my office out to the finish building,
 and Will started moving his tools and benches into the main shop last monday .  
we have done a lot, but there is still lots to do ... looking forward to it!

so far ..
before .. it almost looked ok til i got into it ...
i got rid of the radial arm saw, (free to a good home), and redid the exhaust for the 
chop saw, two sanders and sent a branch to the cnc upstairs ..
cleaning out the closet and moving the office ... 
probably the biggest effort so far ...
old office
before we could move the office, we had to make a place to move it to ..
the finish room seemed the obvious choice .. 
serious editing involved
on the opposite wall, we needed some new, bigger windows .. a new desk,
and we moved two computers and got them all talking to the laptop at the cnc
tetris jigsaw puzzle of will's upstairs banjo shop
first, we had to deconstruct and clean up 18 years of dust in some places
step one ... move some benches around to make room for will's stuff
this was at the end of last week .. much more organized now
i had to dust off and move the models out ..
i'll probably keep about 15 or so and give the rest away ..

so, if you think you might need that short piece of cherry or burl, or some of 
those old photos you took in the 80s and 90s, take my word for it and 
start thinning the herd now ... it won't get easier .. trust me .. 
more to follow as we progress ... 
and, we are still working ... 
more on that later ..
 new skylight
stop in if you are out and about ... 23 goodwood lane.
on your left, one mile up danby mountain road from route 30
ceilings are all repainted ... starting on the walls
ready for wall paint in the former office ...