Sunday, May 28, 2017

open studio 2017

ok .. a little late getting this post up, but we will be here til 5 today ... 
stop in if you are in the dorset area .. looks like this today ..
all cleaned up!

looked like this yesterday

                                            25th anniversary year for vermont open studio

Sunday, May 14, 2017

a walnut dining table with leaves

trevor and tyler put this one all together today .. the finish came out really nicely, 
and though there is a little red spot in the photo above, it is a reflection from 
the red walls in the finish room where we take our photos..

it is a dark finish, but not as dark as it looks in the top photo.  
the color in the photo above is closer to the real thing.  
click the photos to enlarge them ...

origin of the red ( and the black) reflection here .. satin finish ....
 below is the table before we disassembled it for finishing ...

we started with an inspiration photo from another client, 
and made the two models below to check the proportions in the drawing.  we ended up 
lightening the cross bars under the base, and minimizing the 'feet'.

the low down view

bird's eye

here we go, laying out the boards for the top ...
gluing them up ...
trevor cuts the shapes for the top on the cnc. he also cuts the apron parts 
the same way and and joins them together with small dominoes, 
glue, and pocket screws top and bottom ..

sub top and runners visible in this photos,
as well as most of the other parts ...
lastly, the 'arcs' with their flat spots to glue to the central post,
and their dominoes for strength and alignment ..
testing the runners and the fit of the leaf before diassembling for
final sanding, staining and finishing.
good to go .. off to darien where it will hang out with a bed, and a kitchen
table we made for these clients in the past ... it is
always a pleasure to make multiple pieces for the same clients.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

get a circus

so, i'm not much on mixing politics and business, 
but this is a little more like mixing art and business .. 
kit and i were watching the news of the comey firing tonight, and i reached into my 
pocket to show her the new beriah wall token our mutual friend pete brought
me from red hook yesterday.  the sentiment is perfect.  
beriah has been making and handing out free these tokens for a long time,
and his art has been featured in the new york times.
recently he paired up with the well known graffiti group smart crew collective.
there is a description of that collaboration and a brief history of beriah's
token distribution, worldwide since 1977, at this link ... 
we've got a little token stash, accumulated and passed on throughout the years .. 
as well as some pottery beriah made in the early 70s that
 we have been using for almost 46 years now.
beriah's pot shop was our neighbor in our first apartment
together in manchester in  1971 ..

beriah also has a show of his paintings opening next Saturday, 
May 13, Peninsula Art Space, 352 Van Brunt Street, Brkln.
check it out if you are there ... 

couldn't be truer today ...