Monday, June 19, 2017

a 'whitewashed' ash table for the beach house

we are about to ship this one to martha's vineyard, hopefully later this week .. it is riding along with the 10 walnut table with 12 chairs that are not quite finished yet.
it's kind of a big one, 40 x 126 and the design is based on the 
coincidentally, that one wlso went to martha's vineyard ... 

the main difference is the thinner, narrower top and the whitewash vs,
the natural ash finish on the table above.

satin finish steel base by sam in the metalshop
same finish on this ash entry way piece we made a few years back.

all done, ready to roll ...

Friday, June 16, 2017

new 'stuff for sale' page

on june 30th, the guild of vermont furnituremakers and several other artists from the metawee valley
will be opening a temporary gallery in the former covey & nye store across from the equinox hotel.  it's a beautiful space, and we'll be open friday, saturday and sunday through september 9th.
this 'pop up gallery' is sponsored by the southern vermont arts center, and will be promoted
by stratton magazine.  there will be lots to see, and while i will have a number of items'there, i have will have other items for sale, both in my shop in dorset,
and in another local art gallery, helmholz fine art about a mile away.

the slab at the top of this post is a piece of claro wlanut, about 36" wide at the 'hump' and
about 80" long ... the blue tape is at 60" ... can be trimmed to be more 'regular' ...
desk, small dining table, coffee table, headboard?  your choice ..

below is just a partial listing of other items ... stop in at either of the galleries, or call to visit my studio at 802-867-5541 most times, or
    802-867-0139 on nights and weekends ..
call or email for prices, and click the photos to enlarge them ...
this photo shows both sides of a pair of 12' live edge walnut boards
they are aboout 1.25" thick in the rough and can be cut to make a great
dining table, desk top, headboard, or coffee table .. 
your choice determines the price
this stunning piece of claro walnut is about 36" wide by 42" long .. 
it could be trimmed to suit, or finished as is into a coffee table or
center table .. temporary, mockup up base in the photo above.
this one will probably make it into the art manchester gallery, 
but maybe not in time for the opening ..
we've got several slabs of mildly spalted maple available for coffee
tables or to be glued up into desk or kitchen island tops.
for kiln dried live edge slabs with a little character, these are reasonably priced ..
they are finished in the photo with just a wash coat of shellac for color 
and will be more dramatic with a final sanding and finishing ..
 i also have this random piece of verde antique marble ... needs a little edge work, or can
be cut to suit first for whatever you need .. right now it is 20 x 66 x 1.125 thick ..
sweet little crotch walnut coffee table about 32 x 44 with four
'compass point' brass inlays .. nice grain, with a reclaimed chestnut base.
and then there is this 'david smith inspired' coffee table. 

view through the base

these two planks of red oak, along with a few walnut or cherry
butterflies will make a dramatic small dining table, 
any width up to 45" by any length up to 75" 
these two pieces are available at helmholz fine art in manchester.
the table above is /- 34-37 wide by 90 long
 close up of one end here
 and this claro walnut desk is there too ..
 +/- 44 x 70
this piece of reclaimed chestnut and steel was available until it sold at open studio.
it is now it is in its new home, under the bear painting .. couldn't have made it a better size 
even if i had know where it was going ...
more to come soon ...

Friday, June 9, 2017


i got a nice email from our recent pool table client the other day and it made me think of the other wonderful comments i often get from our clients, some of whom we have met, and some, like the one from england, obviously we haven't.  it's always nice to hear a kind word after you ship something out into the great unknown.  letters and notes like these keep us going ... 
click the photos to enlarge them.
the big ash table

note above for the reclaimed chestnut console table 

a claro walnut slab desk
a couple tables to north carolina

a claro walnut table to florida  i liked this one ... 'It's better than i imagined' !!
a mahogany table to california  .. scroll down through this post
a cherry table to wisconsin
the steering wheel restoration
chairs and a table to boston  this is the client, but i couldn't find the most recent stuff ... it's probably in one of those 'more news from the metal shop' type posts.
 a walnut slab table to london  scroll down about half way

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

a revclaimed chestnut wine tasting table

we finished and shipped this reclaimed chestnut table the week before open studio ...
the red in the photo above is a reflection from the wall above the black background.

click the photos to enlarge them ..
we started, as usual, with a cad drawing

next, we glued up the top

and we had the steel legs cut by our regular waterjet folks in rutland ..
added some dark brown aniline dye under stain
added a thinned black oil stain on top, and a couple coats of satin poly later,
it was good to go to it's new home down south ...

Monday, June 5, 2017

a display cabinet for a Holocaust torah

we have been working on a display cabinet for a Holocaust Torah for the
Congregation Beth El, the oldest synagogue in vermont, founded in 1909.
it was a complicated but rewarding project.

the above photo was just a test set up on installation day.
the parchment will be rewound and level when the wiring is done
and the torah is finally placed in the cabinet ..
the lights will be dimmer too ..

trevor drew and carved the letters on the cnc and added a little gold paint
there will be a dedication ceremony sometime in the near future ...
tough lighting on installation day .. i hope to get a better picture later ..
when i made the original drawing, we had planned to move a memorial plaque and
 hang the cabinet in the back of the synagogue, but as we progressed, 
the current location across from the entrance became more appealing 
since we didn't have to move anything
fun with photoshop

the wood bars holding the scrolls were different lengths 
so we had to mock it up and take careful measurements so we
could return the torah to its home in bennington while we worked ...
once we had the bones of the case built, we brought the torah
back for a test fitting to be sure we had it right.
it was pretty good after one minor adjustment of 
the size of one of the holes on the top of the cabinet
i originally saw it with green velvet,
but i had some fabric from another project that 
seemed to me to be more suitable ..
we took a vote and the beautiful orangey fabric won out
two choices for the layout of the lettering
and we went with the curved letters you see 
on the finished case