Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recycle, Reuse

Ok ... We're all into recycling ... Here's a recycled blog post from last October ... The foliage is pretty spectacular again this year, but the photos below are hard to top ... I'll add just a couple new ones from a walk I took on the Appalachian Trail to Little Rock Pond this past weekend, so if you saw this one last year, at least you'll get a little something new .... Click the photos to enlarge them ...

This is my 38th October in Vermont yet it never fails to knock me out. Right after coffee this morning I did the "The Loop", which is a loosely connected series of trails I have cleared through the adjoining woods to a lookout point, back along a different route and home again. Walking biskly, I can usually go out and back in 40 minutes. Today it was more like an hour and a half. I just timed it here and I think you can do it in about 40 seconds ....Not a cloud in the sky.... Click the pictures to enlarge them ... Enjoy!
Down the driveway
Past the hornet's nest
to the maple at Goodwood Lane
down past the shop
(no frost yet) first fronst yesterday this year
and out past the pileated woodpecker tree. The woodpeckers have been working on this one for about 5 years and I'm amazed it's still alive. It's about 22" in diameter and in some places at the back of the 4 or 5' high cavity there appears to be about 3" of bark and wood remaining.
On through the woods aways and past the "Big Oak" ... Note the bench in the lower left corner. This is a REALLY big oak
Out into the open and past a couple more nice leaves just before the
big view to the west and nothwest.
Then, back around the corner to the South lookout ...Glastonbury Mountain in the distance
Back towards home past the East view of Peter's Peak,
along the edge of the field past some killer sumacs
and through the woods and back to the house.
The top photo in this post was taken across town this afternoon at the top of Nichols Hill.

10/11/09 walk to little rock pond

Appalachian and Long Trail


the pond

the leaves

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Bloonose said...

Simply stunning Dan, your a lucky man living and working in that environment. Also liking the tin work...