Friday, August 14, 2009

A Cool Project from the Metal Shop

Sam's uncle, Peter Moore of , Pawlet, VT, builds elegant wood-fired pizza ovens. Sometimes he needs little details like this digital thermometer door cover above or a fancy damper handle that Sam made earlier in the week (The camera missed that one) . The outer door frame shown here is maybe 8' x 10" made of 1.5" angle iron, but I thought it had a cool look when it was done so here it is .... Click the photos for a better view ...

First step, cutting and welding the 1.5X1/8" angle iron frame, fitting the 1/8" door

Step 2, scan a logo and cut a tree out of thin, (14 guage?), flat stock... or maybe it was an 1/8"flat stock ... Sketch on some mountains

Find some brass hinges and rivets and practice your mountain making and all you have left to do is make your mountains and stars on the real thing, hand forge a small pull, texture the big copper rivet, figure out how to epoxy on a little rare earth magnet to hold the door shut, patina the brass hinges, and you're all set .... Nice Job Sam!

click to enlarge for details


Steven said...

That is a nice looking door. It may be intended for a pizza oven, but I could see that as an accent to a large cabinet, hutch, or any piece of large stature.

Margery said...

Is that the same procedure for doing any hand-forged iron furniture? The steps are carefully instructed and learning a technical work now seems an easy one. I am planning to make hand -forged iron table stands for our kitchen.

Thanks!! I'm excited to try it!