Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what we're working on now

I did a talk last evening with Marc Spagnolo, aka "The Wood Whisperer". Mark has created an amazing social networking site for woodworkers, designers and craftsmen of all skill levels ... Check it out here if you aren't familiar with his site .... Anyway, I thought I might talk about what was happening in the shop this week, but mainly, we covered more of the history and general background of the business. Tools, design processes, shop size, relationships with clients ... Most challenging project ... It was fun and when I get a link, I'll post it here.
Sam has completed four 'tuteurs'. Tomato cages for those of you unfamiliar with the French .,.. We're doing some design work with a potential client who is interested in an 'Arts and Crafts" style screen, 'sort of like the one below' that he saw on my website. We made that for a client who was a world traveler and had a large collection of Oceanic objects ....
We also got underway on an 18' wall of bookshelves and fireplace mantle ... It's a paint project, but it will have a great refined look when it gets to its home ... We're really just getting started ... more on that project later
We're also getting underway on an English elm oval shaped table which will also deserve a post of its own before long.And Will is finishing up a vanity and mirror for a longtime client
The sink is actually routed from a 6" thick slab of onyx and the top edge that's left is 2" ... more on that later too ...
The mirror has some brass details

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