Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Slide Shows

I have mostly known that it was possible and easy to post slide shows to the web, but I didn't know how to do it ... I've seen them up there. I had a pretty mellow day Saturday so I took a couple of hours and figured it out .. It is, actually, a snap, once you've got it ....

I think to communicate a sense of depth and variety of work there is probably nothing more immediate and grabbing than a parade of projects, both completed and in process flashing by on the screen. I've got one scrolling across my website homepage that sort of annoys me by now, but it's there to stay for now I'm afraid ... Try the links below for an idea of what I'm talking about. Almost all of these photos (except the Greene & Greene photos) have a corresponding blog post and if I take the time, I can add captions with links to the photos ... Try the search box above for more info ... The amazing thing is that you can scroll through these full screen images as fast as 1 second per image and the quality remains excellent.

2010 and a few stragglers This show is some/most of the stuff we have made so far this year
160 photos .. it takes zero time to load ...
2009 and a few from 2008 This one's got a few pieces from late 2007 and 2008, but mostly it's 2009 stuff ... 192 photos
A Trip to the Gamble House, Oaklawn, and The Huntingdon Museum in Pasadena ... a collection of random images of Greene & Greene design and Pasadena downtown ... that I took on a visit in 2003 .... 77 photos
If you would like to do this for your own work, here's the deal ...
go to ... download the program ... (surprisingly quick)

tell the program to search for photos and it will make a browser display with the folders on your computer that contain photos. (I had 1091 folders with photos in them on my six year old office computer) !!!!

click on the folder and upload or sync or something ... (the help section is good here)

when it's 'synced', push 'slideshow' and copy the browser link

paste it in an email or to your blog or website ...

you can then 'edit and organize' the folder to get the photos in the order you want ... similar to facebook

here's a you tube video that was helpful

Pretty Slick Google ... Thank You ...

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