Wednesday, December 7, 2011

banjo #6 ... a remake

will shipped his latest banjo project yesterday afternoon. it was a 're-necking' of an antique instrument made by W.A.Cole, of boston mass. the client had the original nickled brass pot, head, and tension hardware, but the original 8 string banjo mandolin neck was missing. click the photos to enlarge them...
6/22/2014 .. for photos of 20 more banjos visit will's website at
the client is a banjo collector and w a cole was mostly known for his banjos so she wanted a five string, short neck to go with the diminutive 8.75" pot. will was able to find pictures of w a cole's original inlays online and was able to replicate some of them in the new neck ...
here's a close up of the original maker's mark on the dowel stick which is now back home in the original pot, which, as you can see below, polished up nicely.
it has a surprisingly loud and robust sound and i'm sure at some point soon there will be a video online on will's website, seeders instruments, so you can hear it ... great sound ! 12/18/2011 ... the video is up now ... here's a link to it.
this photo shows the 8 string end from its original banjo mandolin configuration which will was able to adapt to the new five string mode.
he had to fabricate a missing, tricky, dovetailed brass piece that tightens the neck to the pot. he had it chromed to match the original by a local electroplating service, vermont plating, in rutland.
in the new case, and ready to ship ... should arrive at its destination tomorrow ...

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