Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wrapping a few things up

it's been a busy, busy couple of weeks!!  we're hoping to wrap up three good ones by the end of this week.  the table above is white oak, and there are pullouts underneath that support two leaves on the ends.  hopefully, tomorrow the finish will come and it will turn white and be ready to ship to connecticutt on friday.  optimistic? hmmm, yeah, for sure.  we'll see.  click the photos to enlarge them.
here it is, upside down, earlier in the construction process.  you can see the leaf support mechanisms and the skeleton of the bracing support structure. 
here it is with one of the leaves on the closer end.  the leaves are 21" wide, expanding the 90" main table to 11', room for 12, or even 14, good friends.  i like the thin top and delicate, but rigid understructure.  it was a collaborative design with my friend liz of elizabeth bauer designs in downtown new york city.
 looks just like the drawing.
the table will have a whitish, distressed, 'cerused' finish, something like one of the samples above. we're not sure exactly which one yet, because we've never done a finish like it before.  it should be fun ... we'll see.
and then we have this one in it's final stages.  a new pool table design in steel and claro walnut.  it will be headed to chicago next week sometime.  gray felt playing surface, figured claro walnut rails, and the steel base will have a dark 'rainbow' finish.  it should look pretty much like the model in the photo above.
the short ends and one of the long ends are welded and ready to finish.  i hope to test assemble the whole thing, steel base, slate, rails, and all either late tomorrow or friday.  off to chicago next week.
 last bit of welding tomorrow.
it's got a steel and claro cue rack with it.  the steel has the dark patina on it now, and the wood pieces are at the finishers.  we should have them back tomorrow, and we'll assemble that too.  it's been an eventful week and it's only wednesday ... more later ...
 last but not least, the matched cherry dining tables have all their finish now and will be ready to go on friday too.   all for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Folks - That new pool table design is killer! I've followed your 'photo journal' for a while now, and have always admired your designs and craftsmanship. But I must say the two things I admire most are that your business is a family affair, and that shop of yours! I know I only get slices of it through photos, but I love the windows and that beat-to-death wood floor (no offense) is awesome. It's perfect with just the right amount of chaos and dust! Love it.