Saturday, July 27, 2013

update on the metal shop

update, 8/3/13 ... except for the doors, we are weather tight
well ok ... i casually mentioned to our metal shop builder, scott thompson, that he didn't put the traditional pine bough on the ridge when he nailed up the last rafter yesterday.  so, today when sam and i came back from town, there it was.  it's a longstanding, worldwide, tradition, with a documented history going back to at least 700 AD.  it's been a tradition with all of our buildings, and i was glad to see it.  so, we're coming along now.  we should be in good shape and relatively watertight by this time next week ... here are a few pics of the progress.  click the photos to enlarge them ..

 the 30' TJI''s for the clear span .. long ones, and heavy ...
 makes for a nice open space though
 overview from goodwood lane
 with the daylillies
 gable walls with soffits and facias built on the ground
we needed to call in the neighbors to help stand those up as they are 30' long and over 12' tall.  our friends steve and kevin from holman studios and chris bowlen from bill laberge's shop came by, and we all played 'barn raising' for about a half hour.
 tah dah  !!
 home stretch ... plywood on the road side and some ply on the dormer roof ...
 all for now

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