Saturday, August 31, 2013

a barnboard vanity

we installed this barnboard vanity last week.  challenging project in that you have to go with the wood as it is.  if you joint and plane it flat, there goes the patina.  and what a patina it was.  some light hand sanding, and a little very diluted aniline dye on the 'fresh' surfaces made it look like a pretty thing.  no finish, as it's been outside for a hundred years just fine the photos to enlarge them.
in the second photo down, i have moved the sink to be centered on the space from the corner to the window trim.  we had originally thought to center it on the door, but no longer think that's the best place for it.
  i had just enough stock

we had originally planned to include some molded details around the panels per the designer's request, but they would have exposed more fresh wood and most likely been a distraction from the patina itself.
there was another complication as the whole thing had to be installed in pieces since it went wall to wall in a small room ... it broke down into base, left half, right half and then the face frame and doors last.  
fun project!

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