Saturday, February 8, 2014

a small claro wlanut dining table and some other stuff

 we got a call today that the claro walnut slab table we finished recently was successfully delivered to brooklyn yesterday .. yee haahh.  it's always good to hear from happy clients.  when they placed the order for the dining table above, they also purchased the coffee table i had for sale back in november, so they got a double dose thursday.  i hope to get pictures of the pieces on site soon.
 the design was similar to others we have made with our standard steel trapezoid base.  the new one had the dark bronze patina on the steel, rather than the polished steel on the larger table above.
 sam is cruising through the metal work in his new shop
the dining table started with one of a pair of slabs we purchased recently
and after we smoothed it out and fitted it to the base
we put a little finish on it ,, nice curl!!
a fine slab, all around
at the same time, we finished this reclaimed chestnut coffee table, which will be 
delivered to a local residence on presidents day weekend
those same clients also received the walnut table they ordered for their home in connecticut
it looks like a regal spot for it ..
and also in the works is a coffee table with a new base design using the other claro walnut slab.
since it was the adjacent slab in the log, this table will have the
same figure as the table at the top of the post
we did a little mockup with some mdf and the base .. more on this one later ..

i'm going to be posting something here about taking quick 'record' photos .. this one was taken in the shop, during the day, with all the florescent lights on, and without dealing with the reflections.  it's an excellent example of a rushed photo that, with a little effort, could have been a lot better.


Anonymous said...

hi there! when you say 'put a little finish on it', what finish did you use? absolutely beautiful!

asima khan said...

Amazing work!! Your love and passion really shows in every piece you create. You are a wood artist!! :)Top quality furniture company