Sunday, May 18, 2014

spring 2014

well here we are again.  happens every year. sometimes early like last year, (4/24), sometimes 
really, really late like this year.  glad it's here.  there was a LOT of whining at the end.
and, actually, it's only 38 degrees this morning .. it is, however, sunny for now.
click the photos to enlarge them.
after 14 years and an 'empty nest', 20 healthy plants is waaaay too much asparagus.  
fortunately, they are easier to get rid of then zucchini
the wood frogs did their thing in the vernal pond below the shop for a couple days  ..
heard them, they are pretty cool sounding.
 they're hard to get close to, but if you spook them, and then sit still for about
5 or ten minutes, one by one, they'll come back out and start calling.
and this week it was finally time for the annual 'glowing woods at sunset' photo.
from the front porch.  that was tuesday .. all leaves now.
and the crabapple is out
with the leaves open in the background
we've had 3 male ducks 'loafing' on the pond for about 3 weeks now
and we're hoping that means we'll get some baby ducks soon.
the employee lounge is open for lunch
blue sky.  full woodshed. outdoor shower on maybe this week.
orioles in the yard .. kit is watching the male build a nest over the driveway.
hopefully we'll get some photos once he gets a little further along.  kit's backyard bird list last week was pretty impressive ... scarlet tanagers, catbirds, indigo buntings, hermit thrushes,3 kinds of woodpeckers, flickers .. on and on.
and the pheobes, as usual, are nesting on the shop porch.
morning mist on kit's pond in the yard
grandma's primroses
crazy rhododendrons
  robins by the air con again .. 3 eggs so far.
piranha trout!  crazy fish that sam caught.  about 18".  never saw teeth like that!
 another nice one!
and yesterday, a first!  a snake in the bushes.  he was about 3' off the ground, 
taking in some spring sunshine .. the neighbor's kids thought it was great!