Wednesday, July 23, 2014

david smith at the clark

sam and i checked out the new david smith exhibit at the new clark art museum last week.  check out that first link for many images from the remodeled museum .. the clark has been closed for about 2 years and just reopened on  july 4th  .. sam and i went to the guggenheim exhibit back in 2006, which was a tour de force of the smith's incredible output of amazing steel work.  here's a link to images online from that show  he filled the whole main spiral and several side rooms .. an amazing show .. even the catalog was a whopper.  i've got it out again for a review and it's a great one ... the catalog is still available, but hang on to your checkbook ..

surprisingly, i was able to find this photo from our visit to the guggenheim in 2006
in my computer.  i think that is 'australia' behind us ... 
it was crazy crowded for a thursday morning at the clark, but we got to see what we went to see and it was all very inspirational
they are big
and they are colorful
and they are well thought out ... in the exhibit, they are set up exactly as 
mr smith had them set up in his meadow at bolton landing.
there were also a few other pieces with a circle theme
and a few of his large, interesting, 'spray over arranged objects'canvases.

they are all good in their own way ..

and the main collection was intact and only slightly rearranged.  above is the famous alma tadema designed steinway that took a lot of people a long time to create in 2005, 500,000 pianos after steinway made the original in 1887.
but the approach and the reflecting pools are quite striking ..