Sunday, September 21, 2014

a claro walnut desk for sale

we made this desk a while back for a show at a gallery in massachusetts.  it stayed in the gallery after the show closed until the gallery was flooded by a broken sprinkler pipe.  the desk survived, but the gallery didn't, and we moved it to the local arts center where it has been on display for sale until recently.
 while it was there it acquired a pretty substantial scratch in the top of it and we picked it up a couple weeks ago to refinish it.  it's ready to go again now and looks good as new.  i thought i'd post it here for sale for a while before i return it to the gallery.
it's got a drawer and a secret compartment, and it could also work well as a small dining table for 4 or 6.  the dimensions are +/- 44 x 66 x 29.5 high, the base is steel with a natural satin finish.  the walnut top is one piece and the grain is really nice.  lots of figure and curl ... the price is $8500.  please call me at 802-867-5541, or email me at for more information.

and if that one doesn't work for you, but you like claro walnut, i have two other possibilities:
this dining table is about 36 x 90.  it's in a gallery in chicago, but i would be happy to retrieve it for you, polish it up, and ship it out.  please call or email for a price on that one.  it has a dark bronze shaker style base, and nice grain in the top.
and this slab is available.  dimensions in the photo below.  it's finished and hanging on the wall, ready to be something ... coffee table?  desk?  a dining table?  a headboard?  your choice ..
call or email with your ideas ... 
all for now ...


Unknown said...

You have a really unique style of wood working. I like that table in the second picture. It's got a really cool natural look, like someone just took it off of a tree. Keep up the good wood work!

Gerald Vonberger |

Robert said...

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