Thursday, December 4, 2014

another sir edwin lutyens inspired desk

here we have another desk in the sir edwin lutyens style
click the photos to enlarge them and see it happen from start to finish below ...
nice desk, and a job well done by my man chris bowlen ... 
this desk is the third in a series ...will built the first two at the links below ..
hardware by horton brasses in cromwell, ct
sir edwin rocked!  check out his wikipedia entry, then scroll down to his list of 'major buildings and projects' any one of which would likely occupy the typical architect for many years.  in a minor aside, the entry notes that he designed a little furniture and 'some of his designs are still on the market today'  .. 
this is one of our interpretations of one of his designs seen in the photo below.
our original client in 2009 sent us this photo, which we 'interpreted' into the piece you see at the top of this post.  that one is in cherry, bubinga and walnut, as was the second version we made in 2013 ..
the new cousin is in walnut, ebony, and walnut burl, and has a couple more drawers than the original.
 we're coming down the home stretch on it now ..
at 28" x 72" x 31" (the client is taller than most), it's the largest one we've made yet ...

we went back and forth a bit on the details and palette and finally settled on walnut burl panels with
an ebony line, quartered claro walnut borders and an american walnut legs, frame and top ..
we've done some finish samples and i'm pretty sure it will be striking when it's done ... 
it started out as lots of  parts

we started with our revised cad drawing of the original desk, lengthened it and added a second row of drawers and since it will be in the middle of the room, a stepped up back panel
and interior panels in the kneehole ..
chris roughed out the legs from a template modified from the original on our vega duplicator,
i did the final clean up and shaping of them .. just keeping my hand in .. i also worked on the structure off and on for a couple weeks while chris was in australia and new zealand .. i was happy when he got back.
we got the walnut burl veneer from ben barrett at berkshire veneer in massachusetts.  we've been buying veneer from ben for quite a while and he's always got some good stuff when we need it. we also got the drawer pulls from horton brasses in cromwell, ct.
tricky construction with the step up in the middle
and lots of edging on the top and the panels ..
only sixteen like this one .. probably 30 pieces on each panel ... lots of tape.
onward ...

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ריהוט מעץ מלא said...

That's a nice thing to do, a collection of all the furniture you've been making. I would suggest you to use Pinterest to upload all your images to and show them online.