Sunday, June 28, 2015

news from the metal shop

sam's been busy in the metal shop since open studio ... he's done several steel bases for our designer friend jennifer palumbo in boston, working in conjunction with her local upholsterers, who judging from the
photos, are really good at what they do.  click the photos to enlarge them. .....
essentially, they are 'platforms' to support the upholstery .. this one in two pieces as it was quite large.
welded and painted

for the same project, a steel bench base

a custom bench base
with our 'dark bronze' finish
ta dah !!  cool piece !!

and a garden arch in painted steel ..

                                                      some grouse belt buckles ..
and always wear your 'vermonter' belt buckle when you are touring with your college golf team ...
some nice hammered steel shaker pulls

i think this is called a california balcony, but i've also heard it called a 'juliet' balcony.  
sam did a couple of these for the same builder a few years back. second floor french doors.
and a bronze finish steel and reclaimed oak console ...this piece was a big hit at open studio
interesting project here for the wood fired grill at the famous
south londonderry bistro, solo - farm & table

and we're hoping to get the metal lathe finally up and running this week
a custom house sign holder
and the final piece of a large house/railing project he started last year about this time.  the house is now finished inside and the landscaping is underway.

he's about to make a bench base to go with this table base he made for another furniture maker
to put under  a bosnian pear wood top

the cad drawings for both
he's currently working on a pair of steel based nesting tables for one our favorite interior design clients, jennifer palumbo in newton, mass .. these shoulod be finished up this week.
with some 1/4trd white oak tops ...
and he recently finished 10 of these bag racks for our local country club driving range.  i need to
take a picture next time i'm there ...
and the pool table below was finally delivered and set up last week .. my compliments and deep appreciation to thomas grimaldi pool tables of farmingdale, new york for handling the set up out on the end of long island.  i hear the house is quite amazing, and i look forward to seeing photos of the finished room.
it was a fun project ...

and the fish are biting ...


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