Sunday, August 30, 2015

a fun steel based console

well this one was interesting ... it started with husband and wife clients who were looking for 'interesting wood'.  they had already committed to a small slab of claro walnut that i had on hand for their coffee table and were wondering what else i might have 'around'.  i just happened to have this curved log of cherry that was sawed up by my friend mike stock of stock's tree care in west pawlet.  it came from the edge of a house adjacent to the 16th tee at the dorset field club where
we had done some work back in 2012.

the concept started as a full length bench, but after taking the mockup home with them, they decided a behind the couch console table would be more appropriate.
i made a couple of photoshopped sketches from the taller mockup

because the base looked kind of empty with the top up at table height.
we took elements from these two previous pieces

and combined them into the finished piece... the steel end pieces were originally 'temporary' to keep the top piece flat while we worked on it, but we all liked them, so they stayed as part of the finished design.
cool project !! the clients are happy!

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