Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a round cherry expanding pedestal table

well, here we go again ... always one of my favorite designs, and we're happy to do it again and again.  the one above is from 2003, and it had three 18" leaves.  the one we are making now will be the same, only with just one leaf.  click the photos to enlarge them ...
we started with a cad drawing testing the water for 52 vs 54".  in the end, i sent them a cardboard template via ups and after putting it in the room, they decided on the 54".  i've blogged about a similar table before in this post back in 2013, and a smaller version in mahogany, way back in 2008.  
but here it is again anyway ..
get yourself a nice matched set of curly cherry boards and glue them up ..
and then cut and stack your plywood 'propeller' pieces and veneer the edges and top.  glue up your column pieces with the angles on the top and bottom then too.  
i have a taper jig photo somewhere ... 
and get yourself some equalized table slides from moin hardware
then, if you've got one, cut the half round sections on the cnc, and cut the inlay pockets at the same time .. let me say here that we did not have a cnc in 2003, and we made many, many tables with central inlays without it.  faster now with it though.
start with the borders;  in this case end grain walnut, burl and end grain vertical grain fir, glued up in a log and sliced like baloney ... put some glue on it, drive a headed brad in next to it 
and bend it to press it tightly against the edge of the pocket.
check your fits with some mdf templates
and cut your burl pieces  ... still need to add the edge inlay and do the finishing.  more photos to
home stretch ... in the finishing room now
all in, all done .. couple views below

with the 20" leaf in
 other sizes and variations on the form ... "take an object; do something to it"

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