Saturday, January 2, 2016

1 - 1 - 16

always nice to have a fresh start for the new year
this is the page for 1/1/16 ,,, i've been keeping track of stuff this way for years ..
if it's not written in 'the notebook', i likely can't find it,
so this has become my 'filing system' for my 'to do' lists.
click the photos to enlarge them ...
this particular sketchbook started this year in april .... 
looking back through these is another form of the 'year in review' ...
i also have also started to digitize my real sketchbooks too and you can
see a slideshow of some of my sketches and the finished items at this link
more of the day to day pages below ... with 5 people in the shop, i have to pay attention  ..

obviously, after one of my first rounds of golf for the year

and after a little fishing

june bug!

a sub list for managing the individual projects happening in the shop

i usually have about 10 things going at once .. sometimes more ..

this one was after a road trip when i was admiring the graphics of the yellow and black road signs ..
clock date .. 9/14
class of '65, 50th high school reunion
a particularly busy couple weeks

couldn't do all this without my neon markers
some modified roman numerals
a preview of the 'sketchbook' slide show at this link
and late in the fall, i started emailing and sharing my lists to the guys so they have more info
about the upcoming projects .. i've also started printing out the drawings ahead of time so 
they know what they will be building next .. we are also trying to have brief daily
meetings when necessary, but everyone starts at a different time so that can be tricky.

just trying to keep it together .... 
it doesn't actually get that much easier, even after 36 years of practice ...
write it down, check it off .. what's next?
Happy New Year!

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