Sunday, February 21, 2016

portfolio pictures

well, ok ... i stumbled across a folder full of pictures this morning and 
i thought they would make a good blog post.  as an example, on the 'page' above, there is a 
10' cherry table, 8 windsors, 4 stools and a nine foot wide by 8 foot high sideboard.  couple of months right there.  also, a pair of maple cabinets with c.r. ashbee inspired  inlays and a 60" round table ...
another couple of months there.
until 2007, when i first started my blog and more or less moved my 'portfolio' online,
i kept photos of my work in these three 20 page, 14" x 17"  binders.  in august of 2014, i intended to migrate these portfolios into my slide show area by taking careful photos of each page but never finished the job or ever finished taking the photos .. looking through them this morning made
me realize i maybe ought to get on it and finish that project ... maybe next week ...
anyway, here they are .. click the photos to enlarge them ... 
honestly, i forgot i made a lot of these pieces ...
a desk, a credenza and a coffee table, and the inspiration for the 
c.r. ashbee arts and crafts style pieces pieces
a couple desks, a small dining table, a really funky windsor and some stools ..
a nice game table .. another desk some side tables and a japanese rice paper screen ..
the famous 'snook table' .. 46 x 68 and 
at the beach' a small half round with similar inlays .. i still have that one ..
a coffee table, a cabinet with a curved front, a 54" round cherry table with a lacewood inlay, 
a cherry and lacewood coffee table, a reclaimed chestnut table and a funky sideboard piece.
lots more stuff here
and here .. the bubinga sideboard goes with the 
one board bubinga table on the 'page' below ..
a nice 'studio style' sideboard and an 8' knife display case
some nice doors; an interesting masonic table restoration and a classy 
cherry and figured ash desk with some rosewood inlays
a cherry corner cupboard with curly maple panels and drawer fronts ..
skippy, our dog, who left us in 2006 .. a nice cherry and maple dresser ..
another big sideboard, one of a pair, and a nice curly maple dining table

my favorite curly maple sideboard and a cool bench and mirror with carvings and appliques ..
a few more 'studio style' pieces
more to come as the project evolves .. good start.
   just found some more ...

my, my, my ... lots of pictures ... the tapered cabinet made the back cover of one of 
the fine woodworking design books ... must have been around 1990
 game tables ..
 wildlife carving on the table legs ...
 early headboard inlays
 ditto ...
 metal chairs .. a black console ...

more game tables
 first cabinet with abalone center right .. 1985??
 'shaker' hutch

 early 80s brochure cover ..
 2nd commisssion .. 1979 .. the yellow shaker desk ..
'japanese style' coffee table .. studio style table and sideboard

glass topped coffee table ...
 'greene and greene' style chairs with handpainted silk seats
the original tansu stairs photos .. before and after .. 1989
a crotch mahogany veneered sideboard .. notice the difference and professional photographer can make ..
"it's where we keep the tv to keep it out of sight"
some detail shots ...  the studios .. central park west .. barely fit in the elevator ..

 i used to make a lot of ornamental sash
 the original mother myricks .. 1983, manchester center ... 


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