Tuesday, November 15, 2016

for the holidays

so, we're wrapping up two pool tables this week and today, for the first time i
can remember in a looong time, the finish room is empty of things
being finished.  and so, i could see (and photograph) the odds and ends
of wood stacked around the perimeter.more than one of them could make
that perfect 'holiday gift' for someone on your list.
let's start with the two walnut slabs above.  the one on the left is claro
from california, and the one on the right is american black walnut
from central pennsylvania ...both have striking color, figure and grain ...
either would make a great small coffee table.
they are both 30 + wide and about 42 long .. the claro is thick, (2.5")
and the americanwalnut is about 1.25"  see this link for some table base ideas.
all of these items are reasonably priced and nearly ready to go .. discuss ....
then we've got this relatively inexpensive unfinished slab of white oak ...
it needs a couple of butterflies, but it also would make an
excellent coffee table, small dining table or desk top .. 
+/- 30 x 72 .. click the photos to enlarge them ..
we also have this interesting birch burl wall piece (or small table top) 
with (or without) a small shelf ... it's about 30" in diameter ..
the straight edge was where the burl was cut off the tree.
and this interesting piece of claro .. +/- 36" at its wide point
about 75 long and an inch and a quarter thick.  can be cut to shape to suit
desk top, coffee table, headboard, worktable .. open to your thoughts on this one.
cool piece of wood .. the picture doesn't quite do it justice.
and we also have a good selection of lightly spalted +/- 60 x 22+" wide maple slabs
these are very reasonable in price, and will finish up nicely, similar to the
one below, which is also available as a desk top, coffee table or queen headboard as shown.
+/- 24 x 62
more spalted maple below
i've still got the unfinished mate to this thick spalted slab
+/- 34 x 50 .. photo below
matched pair .. see more pictures here
how about a live edge oak table?  the two slabs above are yet to be surfaced,
and probably have fairly plain grain.  but they are reasonably priced 
and they'd be perfect for the right space. they'll finish out as a table top at about 42 x 84 .. 
a great size to seat 8 comfortably...
above is a reclaimed chestnut console ... 14 x 60 x 32, i think ..
i need a better photo ...
and here's a piece  of verde antique vermont marble that would make a great coffee table .
20 x 66, but it needs to have one edge polished and could easily be cut down ..

 Black Friday Pricing Applied to your inquiry !!

i'm thinking i've got a few more items .. i'll add more later as the weekend progresses.
call me at 802-867-5541, or

Have a great weekend !

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