Monday, May 14, 2018

a serious blast from the past

crazy one here!  we made this cabinet in 1989 and i personally delivered it to a building
called 'the studios', in new york, just off central park west.  a beautiful prewar building with
apartments designed, so i was told, as live in artist studios
they must have all been very successful artists as the whole building was beautiful!
click this one to see two pages from one of my pre digital portfolios
om that top center photo on the left, i am standing in front of a 7 foot high
carved marble fireplace ...
so, last friday, i received this photo in an email ... in the late 90's the original owner
moved to florida and took the cabinet with him ... in 2003, he sold the house with the cabinet included.  the new owners have lived happily with it since but have now recently
moved to VERMONT!  you can't make this up .. they have invited me to visit and i
certainly plan to do so soon ..can't wait to see it actually.
the new owner says that all the original correspondence came with the cabinet, and
surprisingly, i too found the original file and that is where the photos here came from ...
bill for the custom forged hardware
one of my very early employees, jeff
and another, who was still in high school, frank .. jeff was around i
think for about 7 years and frank for 12 years, starting when he was 17.
and here's will (seedersinstruments) standing in front of the unfinished cabinet .
he was 5 then, and i definitely remember the hat!
i've got a few other photos around somewhere ...

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