Saturday, May 30, 2020

A triangular coffee table

well ok ... here's one from back in the fall.  thanksgiving to be more precise.
the clients had a table that had been made for them, but
over time it had acquired some structural concerns, like about an inch
and a half warp across across the middle, and they we looking
for something with a 'live edge on three sides', kind of a tall order.
BUT!, Goodhope hardwoods had the exact slab i needed for the project!!

cad drawing to measurement specs ..

then i photoshopped the planned cuts

and we did the initial surfacing down the road at a friend's factory ...

a little scraping and we moved it to the shop
after Sam fashioned the steel parts, we decided that the initial
bracing concept was unnecessary and we went with just the three legs
i cut the legs from a dead tree that had fallen in the woods behind the garage ..
beautiful double crotch figure!
home in time for turkey day ..

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