Tuesday, January 3, 2023

all the best for 2023

happy new year all !!
after 15 years of writing this blog, 
i am a little short on new things to say about 
the past, and about 2023, except to wish you all the best.
we had a great 2022 and i hope you did too.

some of my favorite quotes are there ... like the one below
and others like that ...

and ok ... new year, new slide show

down toward the bottom of it there.
'work from 2022'
i let myself get a little carried away, adding some 
pet photos, historic items, music videos, golf and weather stuff, 
making it a bit of a lengthy one ... you can click through pretty quickly.
42 years of our previous work there too.  literally thousands of photos ...
if you are looking for more info on any of the photos,
 you may see a link with the photo, and though it won't work, it will 
tell you the month in 2022 that i wrote a blog post about it
which should make it pretty easy to find ...

onward !

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