Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arts and Crafts Style Mantle

Out the door 5/20

This is another project in the Arts and Crafts style house that we have been working on recently. Other posts related to this project include the 'Metal and Wood Potrack' and the 'Arts and Crafts Study', both in April and one from January titled 'The Foam Core Scale Mockup' which shows how the tv ended up over the fireplace. The desk and bookcase for the study are now complete and will be picked up and delivered next week along with this mantle. The actual surround has changed a couple times in the design and fabrication process, adapting to things that come up as the process unfolds. This is where we are as of today. Click to enlarge photos.


The original drawing (since modified)

Parts in process
Color samples ... we'll be going with the cherry color and darkening the splated maple and burl parts a bit more ....

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