Thursday, May 1, 2008

Curved Front China Cabinet with Ginkgo Leaf Inlay

sanded more flush with the surface than image below

Close up of the inlay below
I'm working through the design process for a new china cabinet with two of my best and longest time clients ...(has it really been almost 20 years?) Over that time they have developed an extensive collection of our work, all of it, without exception, top shelf. This latest piece will be a china cabinet for storage of glassware and vases ... a low cabinet in the living room with curved glass doors, behind an existing couch, the shape loosely based on this redwood cabinet we made for another client. We have made a couple drawings and a full size ply and cardboard mockup and now we're working on a design for the inlay on the bubinga top. The inlay design started with the phrase 'ginkgo leaves' and here's where we're at with it. We have a meeting this weekend and we'll see where it goes. Click on the pictures below to enlarge, and follow the links at the bottom of the post to see some of their other pieces.

This is a piece of mdf, full size with poplar 'ginkgo leaves'.
I think, before our meeting, I'll sand them more flush with
the mockup top. We thought a little height difference might
be nice, but I'm thinking this might be too much.

Current drawing we're working with

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