Monday, October 6, 2008


After a couple of years of sketching sculptures I think I'm finally going to get myself around to making a few. OK, they take a lot of time, they take a lot of space, they're hard to sell, etc, but they are fun and I have been recently inspired by a visit my son and I made to one of our local sculptor's studios. I took my son Sam, the metalworker, to visit with my old friends, Sam and Sheila Ogden. Sam has been making metal sculptures locally since before I arrived in Vermont in 1971. That recent visit reminded me of another earlier pilgrimage I made to Wharton Esherick's former home in Paoli, PA, another guy who mostly just made what he wanted to ....

My son Sam, Sheila and Sam in the Ogden studio ..... and, what a studio it is

Sam's sculptures aound the pond
So, now I'm under way with my own sculptures..... Click photos to enlarge ...

'Animal Rhythms' ... Indoor version, floor mounted ... painted mdf and steel. Originally conceived as a wall piece below, I was offered the opportunity to display it at the Woodstock Woodworking Show (see post below) and took that opportunity to create a stand for it. Actually, the floor mount was almost better. Available as is or by commission in various colors and sizes ...Please inquire ...

Also availble in painted steel for outdoor settings.

A smaller version (#2) went to a bedroom in New York City

Number Eight ... Two slices of a branch of a local silver maple tree ... This week it gets a piece of black steel behind the cracks and some soft lights behind it

'Big Spalted Maple' +/- 4" thick by 36 wide by about 57" high .... wall mounted .... I'm finished here for now, but may add some steel elements later ... The wood is spectacular in person

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