Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Holidays

Holiday time again .... starts here with Thanksgiving ... see below, and ends with the New Year ... close to Christmas now ... We've done the prep stuff ... candy making, gingerbread houses, ornament making for the clients, ice storms, end of the year donations to local charities, cocktail parties ...We're ready to relax and reflect on our many good fortunes .... It will be a quiet (nice long) weekend at home with friends and family. Hope you all have a good one too .... dan
Click photos to enlarge ...
Chocolate time
4 hours and 2000 chocolates later
Gingebread house time (two weeks later)

INTENSE concentration

The Marching Santas
The village waiting for its kids
The ice storm ... We escaped the devastation that some of the rest of New England experienced and were left with one of the most extraordinary and eerily beautiful days ...
The trees all had about 1/4" of ice on them
The road to the shop

The ornaments ... Happy Holidays !!
Missed the cookie plates ....


bluechipholidays said...

Wow! Seeing those foods makes every holidays in Dorset so much special. I really enjoy what I saw. Thanks!

Unknown said...

The holiday seems great in your place! I'd love to come. It would be fun for sure. lol

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