Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tapered Piece Update

Well ... we 'got er done' .... We finished the tapered pieces that we have been working on for the last month or so yesterday .... My shipper will be picking them up Monday morning to deliver them to their new home in downtown Philadelphia. We kind of knew as we were going along that these pieces were going to have a substantial presence when they were finished, but after we got the finish and the hardware on and set them up for the photos even we were a bit like, whoa! serious! .... They've got a really nice sense of balance and timelessness too, could go in a traditional or contemporary environment, and yet they don't seem to have any real historic direct decendants that I can place ... Egyptian? Biedermeier? Roman/Cretian? I don't know ... I can't really figure out why it all works .... I thank my clients for working with me on the designs, for embracing parts of our existing aesthetic and for having the faith that we could pull this project off .... I can't wait to see them in their new home .... Click the photos to enlarge them .... Hardware by Sam ...

Side by each
The doors head on
The drawers
The abalone triangles in the backsplash
All you need to know to build them is right here... The skinny pattern is a side view of the front element, the fat one is the front view of the same element, the solid wood sides are clipped to the ply structure and glued to the front tapered element, and the rest is just boxes, except for the base trim which was angled on a jig and run through the planer and attached to a box ... As they say, " There's nothing we do that can't be done by a 12 year old with ten years of practice ...."
'existing aesthetic'
FYI ... Other tapered pieces we have built

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Unknown said...

Beautiful design and workmanship.
I'm a huge fan of asian influence pieces. Thanks for posting them.