Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Pair of Coffee Tables

Quick update .. end of day 2.6.09 Abit of detailing to the bases and we're ready to start finishing

Table edge detail

We're underway on a new commission to build a pair of coffee tables and some small end tables.
They are based on this table we made a few years ago and will have distressed maple tops and antique style, painted and glazed bases. Here's the table we started from ... Click to enlarge the photos
Original table ... 46 x 72
We started to scale down the handmade patterns for the new table sizes and then realized that we would have to do it twice and that it would be easier to draw it once in our cad program and let the computer scale it down. Once we had the drawing, it was a simple matter for Trevor to cut cardboard patterns on the router for the glue ups.

'ghost' of the cardboard pattern cut out
new version at 36 x 40
scaled down end for the smaller table
smaller round end table 30 w x 32 long
small tables ... design ready to go, but yet to be started

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