Friday, November 6, 2009

New Table Project

Table update 11/6/09 Ok ... I'm back ... Box and funeral last week, meetings and catch up this week, and I actually had a paid writing assignment that I had to work on ... More on that when it hits the stands ... Anyway, the construction on the cherry and burl table is complete. We're still fussing with the finish samples though... looking for the right shine ... It should all be resolved this coming week ... all for now ...

Close up of the corner and leg inlays ... They are shellaced with a seal coat and we wil 9mostly0 stain around them when we color the cherry to maintain their clarity and contrast ...

the whole table with the two leaves inserted ... Table slides we use are by Moin hardware They're great and they are the same ones we used on this project ...

While we're still a little ahead of the carpenters on the other project we have going, we're slipping in an order for a table from our website. We made the original in 2006, custom designed for a client in New York City. This one is very similar in size and design so we actually know exactly what we are doing for a change.

Always start with a great log of cherry from Irion Lumber

Make some legs and put in the inlays

layout the top and glue up the halves and the leaves

cut it to size and rout the channels for the inlays

Make sure everything's the right size before you glue up the base

Make some finish samples using a different varnish than we usually use at the client's request

Glue in the walnut strips and corner inlays ... not shown in the photo here is the fact that the walnut strips actually are cross cuts of 3 or 4" wide thin boards which are put in individually, the grain of the wood of the strips runs in the same direction as the grain of the wood of the table, allowing everything to expand an contract seasonally together ... The longs ones go in in one piece.

fit up the corners and the inlay strips ... trhe burl strips will be cut into shorter sections before gluing ..

Glue and clamp them in... Tomorrow Trevor will flush them up, scrape and sand the whole top, and we should be ready to start the finishing process Monday if we get an approval on the color and varnish sample ... All for now .. Back to the Yankees game ... Doesn't look so good for them right now ....


Jonathan Hartford said...

What is the thickness of the veneer you use in your tabletop and leg diamond inlays?

Anonymous said...

Great looking table. I really like your style.

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