Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Carrot and The Stone

I don't know ... The big carrot and the big stone kind of go together in my head ... Unrelated, but related in a way too .... Both from the soil somehow .... We we're getting ready for dinner Friday night and Kit came in from the garden kind of chuckling with a carrot in her hand ... It's November and we've still got a few left in the ground. This one was pretty good .... We cut it up and had it with our pasta and actually had some left over, if you can believe it ... It takes a village for a carrot like that one ...

And then, today, Pete and Asa, our brother-in-law and nephew came by with a stone that Pete had given to Kit as a birthday present hmmm ... 4? ... 5? years ago. We can't remember when and though we can't remember why (it must have been cause she did something special for him) though I'm thinking now it might have been Kit's 50th which was actually 7 years ago. We have talked about it every year since... thinking it might go here, thinking it might go there, but it wasn't until this year that we decided where, and I finally, actually, dug a hole. It was a perfect day for it today, sunny and 50, blue sky, fall air, and all went smoothly. Beer and pizza after ... Nice afternoon and the rock is a great addition to the front of the house ... Click the pictures to enlarge them ...

The site

The rock and tractor arriving .. Pete of Peter Moore Masonry supervising and Asa, his son, driving ... It's schist, from a quarry in Chester, Vermont ... We picked it a long time ago from Pete's field where he has a number of them available for clients ...

Getting it into position for the tip up

One end in the hole

Upright ... We had some trouble getting it totally upright, (it's a pretty heavy rock) and Sam had the bright idea to hook onto it with the pickup and a rope and tip it to vertical so we could reposition the forks and straps, relift it and dig under it where necessary ..

The smiling crew awaiting the pizza and beer

Like it's always been there

Get your own ... call Pete