Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Happy Holidays !

It's that time of year again ... Holiday Season .... And we've been finishing stuff up and getting it out the door ... I went to Boston last week for the snowstorm, to visit my sick sister, to deliver a table, and to meet with a new client. Yesterday we finished up a couple projects and started some new ones. Today, we delivered a steel base for a recycled hemlock table top that a client had his builder glue up ... Sam did a good job on that and it looks great with the client's chairs ... While we were there, we also got to see the steel clad mirror we made a while back and talk about a couple other possible projects ... We dropped the mirror off around Thanksgiving and now it's been hung over the fireplace where it belongs ... a very cool piece if I do say so myself ... Click the photos to enlarge them

Tomorrow we'll deliver a bar we've been working on to the house with the walnut paneled room .... Will has been working on the bar for a while and it's a really nice Art Deco inspired piece. I'll post more on the process of building that one after the holidays ... Gonna do a lot of stuff 'after the holidays' ... You all have a good time now .... Don't drink and drive .... dan

Main street of Watertown, Mass, Sunday morning @9:30

Skiing along the Charles

The steel base for the table

With the client's chairs

The mirror hung up ... Love the light fixture ....

Close up

The Art Deco Bar Cabinet ... leaving tomorrow

The whole deal

Delivery accomplished ...


Unknown said...

Dan have a good festive period and best to you and yours!

Liking the Deco Cabinet and wondered how the moulding works out at the top and bottom of a tapered leg, does it stop where the taper starts?

Steven ( bloonose from the UK )

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

Hi Steven ... If you enlarge the bottom photo, and look into the second leg you can see, you can see we stopped the flutes even with the top and bottom of the doors...Thanks for your comment; we liked this piece too .. dan

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding the extra picture Dan , nice to see it in situ! See you've added some feet to the bottom of the legs to cope with the slate floor. Would be nice to see the back of the door panel too?