Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Railing Project

I'm cleaning up my back list of unfinished blog posts tonight. Here's another one I started back in March and never quite completed ... It's about a railing Sam made for a house in Peru. I never saw the house, but he said it was a very tasteful 'modern' house with nice architecture. The stair rise and runs were all a little different, and, because of the design, the execution required some extra care to be sure things were centered and spaced correctly before welding welding commenced. It was a big one and it came out well, but I know he was glad when it was over .... On to something a little looser like the doors below ... Click the photos to enlarge them ...
Rough layout to check angles, rise and run
Assembly jig by Sam and Trevor on the CNC
Various modifications were required as each of the three flights of stairs were different ..
A welded and ground corner ... The railing was finished with a clear coat of penetrol.
The builder finished it off with a wood top cap .... Looks great !

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