Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prom Night for Kit's Toads

It's Prom Night for Kit's toads. Every year about this time, they come out of the woodwork and start to hop around and sing until they pair up ... The weather's cool too. In the last 7 days we've had snow and then 87 degrees; sunshine, then cold and crashing rain ... If you don't like the weather in Vermont, just wait a minute .... Click the pictures to enlarge them .... There are six toads in both pictures.
The frogs are done their dancing ... but the toads are having a great time still ...Kit's pond's on the left there in the back yard ... aka toad and frog heavenSunset off the front porch.
Asparagus from the garden two days later ... The rosebreasted grossbeaks and the orioles are back ... The hummingbirds are in town, but not at our house yet ...

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