Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FInishing Up the Big Table

I don't have time to write a long post, but I did promise a potential client I would put up some photos of the table we've been working on ... Also, we picked up the chairs Monday and they are pretty sharp too ... It's our first experience with 'Danish Cord' seats. Nice job by Sandy Sherman Chair Caning of Brookline, Vermont.
This is the second coat of gloss finish .. the final satin coat will go on probably today
The eight side chairs
Close up ... all for now


LC said...

looks great! I love the 'butterflies'! L

anthony said...

The finish on the slab looks beautiful, and really does justice to the figure in the wood. what are you using? Can't wait to see the final.

Edward Zacharias said...

Why use a gloss as the bottom coat with a satin on top? Does it change the shean on the top coat? What type of finish is it?

Table looks great! The depth that the finish creates is incredible.

Jeff Branch said...

The chairs are pretty cool too.

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

thanks for your comments. we're using our standard finish, minwax brush on poly. we use the gloss, one or two coats, to build the base and then top coat with satin. all applied with a foam brush from jamestown supply. (all foam brushes are not created equal). if you use all satin,because of the flatteners, the finish gets cloudier with each successive coat .. see the finishing category for more info on the subject.

teal and gold said...

big fan! the danish cord looks amazing. Great choice.