Sunday, September 19, 2010

Upcoming Shows

Couple things coming up ... Next weekend, again, in Woodstock is the Seventh Annual Vermont Fine Furniture and Woodworking Festival . I won't be having my own booth, but Lisa Laberge, of Lisa Laberge Interiors will be using a dining table and chairs of ours for her booth 'Out of the Modern Woods'. She's creating a 10 x 20 'room' decorated with all Vermont made furniture and might also have room for my 'skinny console', a new piece we're working on that should be finished this week sometime ... The top is ready to finish and Sam's welding up the base tomorrow .... We'll also have a new steel and wood sculpture there in the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers booth. (the Guild has a pretty slick new website at that link ... check it out) Haven't started that piece yet but we have it figured out and hey, nothing focuses the mind like a fast approaching deadline.

Also in the last minute department, this week we'll be reworking a prototype bench Sam and I made last summer, for an upcoming show at the Southern Vermont Art Center. We had some furniture there this spring and they invited us to place a bench in one of the galleries for the upcoming fall shows that open October 1st. I worked on the bench for a couple hours this morning and I think I have that one figured out too ... I've got four days to get it all together ... I'll keep you posted ....
as it is now
first attempt
thinner verticals, bigger circle piece
photoshopped in the back set ...
the skinny console again

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