Friday, November 12, 2010

Sam's Balcony

A couple of weeks ago, Sam installed the balcony he was working on back in September and October ... It was a very cool project with some somewhat daunting challenges. Build it here ... install it there, 15' in the air ... Make it safe ... That kind of stuff. I swung by last week and took some pictures ... Looks like it was made to be there .. Click the photos to enlarge them ..
The platform with it's expanded steel floor and outline of the rails
Sam had made a couple of sketches but mainly, on this one, worked as the spirit and his vision moved him ..
Until he had had basic decorative design figured out ...
Next were the support brackets with some ideas sketched in ...
Back to the circular elements of the main railingand then a test assembly on the wall of the shop ...
All welded up and ready to prime and paint
One of the fishies on the 'floor' of the balcony ...
From afar
From below
From the end, showing the 4 supporting brackets

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