Thursday, May 24, 2012


 5/27 ... hmmm ... i'm still considering all the things i now have to learn about this new layout.  i used it many times yesterday during the first day of open studio. some good things; some bad things; some things i discovered ...

- it's somewhat easier to navigate if you use the fly out menus to the right and select 'blog archive and look at one year or even one month at a time.
- if you're looking for metalwork, banjos, or info on finishing, claro walnut slab furniture, use the 'categories' view.
- i wish it didn't have to cycle back through the home page everytime you close a blown up photo.
- if you're browser supports it, the flyout menu on the top left also has a 'magazine' optiom that gives more information on the individual posts.
- i wish i could figure out if traffic was increasing, or in fact, has dropped to 3 visitors a day, which seems unlikely to me.  another place i looked says that my traffic shot up ... who knows?
- the < & > arrows at the top left are handy for scrolling recent posts.
- i'm gonna leave it for now and hopefully it's working ... please add your two cents ... thanks. dan

from 5/25
 after all my whining about the new blogger interface, i thought it would be appropriate if i also said something really nice about google too.  they do amazing things for me and for dorset custom furniture, like hosting about 1500 of my photos on the internet for free.  and this morning, they sent me a friendly email encouraging me to try their new free blogger layout tools ... the coffee kicked in just before i hit the delete button and i checked it out ... though i'm not always an early adapter, ( i still don't have a smart phone or an ipad ) i thought this was too good to pass up ... so, now when you visit my blog, you see not only a photo from the current post, but you see the highlight photos from ALL of my 500+ posts.  click on the image, go to the post. what could be easier?  simple, direct and it brings our history to light without the frustrating hunt and peck ... please add a comment or send me an email to let us know what you think about it.  love it or hate it, i'd like to know ... i have pretty slow internet here and it's still works ... so, enjoy ... check out the old stuff when you have a minute ... happy memorial day weekend and stop by for open studio if you're in the area ...

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