Friday, May 18, 2012

powermatic 66 table saw for sale

 fast sale record ... about 10 minutes after i posted this, i got a call from my neighbor and golf partner, bill laberge, who bought our saw .. what luck ..
 we got the sawstop out of the crate and assembled yesterday, and we just have to connect the two in their new configuration ... haven't turned it on yet, but we're set to run.

fellow woodworkers:

i thought i would let you all know that i have a really nice powermatic 66 table saw for sale for $1350. f.o.b. my shop in dorset,vermont.  it's (imho), in perfect shape, has a foot operated off switch, and is wired for 220, though i think it can be changed to 110.  you can see by the plate next to the crank that it was at one point 'remanufactured' by the famous woodshop specialties in rutland.   i have purchased one of those hot dog saving sawstop saws and that will be arriving later today.  below is how we have it configured in our shop and if you have the space, it is a really handy set up.  our layout has it at about 6' wide by 7' deep, but it could probably be done in a space maybe 66 x 72 or even smaller.  let me know if any of you are interested ... terms or swaps can be considered ... click the photos to enlarge them ...

you all have a really fine weekend ...  dan

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Brian Q said...

The Sawstop is a great saw. I think you will enjoy the saw.