Friday, August 3, 2012

dorset artists 2012

it's that time again .. the 2nd annual dorset artists show.   this year, there are (again) the regular dorset artist who are living and working here now, and, thanks to the vermont country store, there is an excellent selection of deceased vermont artists from their extensive collection.  last year, the show was all dorset artists, and it was great ... this year also looks like a good one. i cruised through today and took a few snapshots which are posted below ... the public opening is tomorrow, august 4th, from 4 to 6, and all are welcome. i'll be sitting the show sunday from 11-6. come on by and have a visit if you are in town.  click the photos to enlarge them ...

georgine macgarvey and barbara melhado organized the show again this year, with assistance from penny and jim viscusi. they rounded up the usual suspects, including above and below, matt harding.  his painted steel sculpture is out the front door, on the town green.
inside, we have steve holman and dan with a couple pieces of furniture. that's our coffee table and steve's chairs.

a nice arthur jones
a nancy howe russell  ...  always fantastic
a bill laberge coffee table
an oil by georgine
more of steve's chairs and some penny viscusis ...
our 'bethlehem steel' bureau by sam, will and dan, and a handhooked rug by meliina wall, yet to be hung.
and several by brian sweetland
upstairs, there is an astonishing selection of deceased vermont artists. several by churchill ettinger ...
some nice gene pelhams. gene was a contemporary of norman rockwell, and they both lived and worked, for a time, down the road in arlington.

a room full of harry shoklers

and other fine artists too numerous to mention ... the show runs through september 16th ... stop in ...

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