Wednesday, August 8, 2012

splinter !!

be careful !! i had this sort of hard white thing on the end of my little finger for 3 weeks or so. i figured i had a piece of steel in there and that it would work its way out. well, sunday it did. i bumped it on the steering wheel and decided i had to investigate ... low and behold, there was a woody looking thing just under the skin surface. i grabbed it tightly with my special sliver tweezers from the lumber yard and gave it a yank.
holy cow !! it was white oak and it was about a half an inch long ... who knew?? it was right up there with 'the micro pin in the palm for a week' event back in 2006. that was my first experience with 2d live xray viewing. so, watch yourself ! ... if you think there's something in there, you might be right ... all for now.

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kdwmson said...

Ouch! You would think you would remember that one from when it went in. What a tough guy!