Saturday, February 2, 2013

new stuff for sale

we've got a new claro walnut dining table almost ready to go.  it doesn't have a home yet, and it's not 100% finished, but we've got no place to set it up to finish it right now.  the finish room is full with the 11' walnut table at the bottom of this post and a few other items.  the walnut table will be leaving this week coming up and we'll attach the top to the base below, and polish it up.  it will be available at an attractive price.  if you're interested, please give me a call and we can talk about it.  click the photos to enlarge them ..
sam finished the base on thursday.  it's 'natural' finish steel; lightly polished and oiled.  the slab is slightly wider at one end than the other, and so is the base.  the top overall is 35-38 wide and 91" long.  the base is about 60" long overall.
this is the slab we started with.  it wasn't too flashy in the rough, and some folks like to have live edges, but now that it's finished, it has a nice consistent color, has some nice grain, and overall has a really pleasing look.
and behind the walnut slab were two other coffee table size slabs that we're in the process of finishing up.  this one is big leaf maple burl, about 31 x 54 and it will be fitted up to the base below that sam should have finished on monday.  also homeless and available at a good price soon too.
and the claro slab below, i think i'll hold off on for a minute ... it could be squarish; it could be round?? or it could just hang out here until someone comes along to claim it.  maybe it wants to be a really small round center table.
and the three new slabs below will be arriving in a couple weeks ... desks ??  coffee tables ?? we'll see.

and below is the double pedestal walnut table that will be on its way to california mid week next week.  it's been in the works for a while awaiting final color approval, but it's good to go now.  more on that one in my next post.

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