Monday, April 22, 2013

a french country table

well, this was kind of fun ... build a table like we built back in 2005 only almost 12' long instead of 7' long ... this one has a nice distressed, stained cherry finish with a thickish (1.375" ) top with breadboard ends and pegged apron/leg joints.  stretching out the aprons and redesigning/refining the leg/apron curve relationships was a bit of a challenge, but between trevor and me and the designer client, after a couple tries we figured it out.  click the photos to enlarge them ....
the original, copied from a photo that had been on that client's bulletin board for almost 10 years .. we blended the curve from the leg and flattened out the scallop detail of the aprons.
 the long aprons look pretty graceful.  what you don't see here is the 2" of steel behind them that support the top over it's +/- 11' span .. total length is 138" x 42" wide ..
 when we first laid the boards up on the tablesaw, we had thoughts of shuffleboard ... she's a long one.
it took a couple steps to get it right .. first we cut a full size 1/4" mdf end on the  cnc and then a leg pattern, then a poplar leg and rail intersection, and finally the real legs and aprons.
trevor very cleverly figured out how to cut the 10'aprons on the 8' cnc
    add a little distressing, some softened edges, a couple coats of stain and some finish and it looks like the top photo.  i'm hoping to get a better photo tomorrow .... all for now ...

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Keyjey said...

Just beautiful. Lucky diners!