Monday, April 8, 2013

the curved ash benches

 we've been working on these boookmatched ash benches since, oh, 2010 sometime.  well, actually, we've been wondering what to do with these planks for that long ... benches was always a possibility, but so too was a wall mounted or outdoor sculpture ... it's settled ... benches they are now ... and pretty cool ones too, if i do say so myself the photos to enlarge them.
 lots of different ways to use them, but they seem to like to be 'face to face' like in the top photo, though the long version above is pretty cool too ...
 they are currently looking for a home, along with a few other items featured in ourinventory reduction sale in the next post.
 seriously, for more information and pricing, give me a call at 802 867 5541, or send me an email at .. '
rolls royce and planks, from the open studio 2010 blog post .. open studio coming up again this year on memorial day weekend ... be there ..
 this is more what they look like when they are not in the bright spring sunshine .. 
it really was spring here today.
the 'choir' or 'bleachers' position ..
 the legs started out as 12/4 ash, and jim tapered them with a jig he made for the planer, planing one tapered  side off a little bit at a time, on all of them, and then changing his shim thickness to do the other side ... the he rounded them off with a handplaned and addded the little 'left' arch at the base.
 for the finish, we burned them with the big torch, wipe on some ben moore carnival red oil paint, burned the ma gain and wiped them red again.  the tops were just treated with 'bitterroot' Penofin.  good to go, inside or out ... fun project ...

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