Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a claro walnut slab headboard

our faithful delivery man ken, delivered and hung this claro walnut headboard in new york city last week.  the project has been ongoing for a month or two and it was nice to see it finally in place.
i posted this photo of one of three new slabs i received back in march.  this client picked up on it and asked us to make her a headboard from this one. 
 we did some rough planing, and wet it with some alcohol, and we were on track.
it had some unusual burl like details along the top edge. 

we made a quick cad drawing that included some drawer boxes cantilevered off the ends of the slab.  they seemed a little much, so they were dropped in the end in favor of the minimalist look in our photoshop mockup below.
all's well that ends well and this one ended very well for our client ...
 one of the three slabs from march is still not spoken for ... it's ready to be something anytime ...


Anonymous said...

It's Beautiful Antiques Furniture

MDF Boards said...


As per your all post you told your reader about your products and your experiences,and you applied here too nicely created headboard.

Thank you

Michael Kelly said...

Why are some always afraid to say what the price or cost is? My first impression is, fear. Somehow your going to frighten people away. Businesses that say, price upon request for instance, always lose my interest!

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

hello michael ... prices for anything with slabs involved are totally dependent on the cost of the wood, which, in cases like this, can range from $1000. to 7 or $8000. i do not purchase wood like this ahead of time very often, so posting a price for projects like this can be deceiving. there is a general discussion of pricing for slab projects in a blog post dated march 3, 2013 ... that said, i do have a slab on hand similar to the project in the blog post that you are commenting on,
finished and available for immediate shipping. i can sell that one to you for $3000. plus shipping. if you are interested, please call or email at 802-867-5541 or
thanks for your input ..