Thursday, May 30, 2013

ebay find ... before and after

a little before and after here.  a client brought us the chair below.  it had a lovely mousey bouquet about it and some really funky red fabric, but the bones were good, and the hardware was complete and functional.  our friend isaiah at bespoke upholstery carefully disassembled it, saving the original fabric and frames for patterns .. the headrest is finished and will be reunited with its chair tomorrow.  click the photos to enlarge them ..
and i happen to have on hand a skin of maine chili pepper leather from universal leather company that the client thought was perfect for it.
we sanded the walnut veneer lightly and touched up the black painted edges.  we then gave it to our friend steve holman and he sprayed a little lacquer on it to freshen up the shine and get rid of the mouse odor.
  pretty righteous upholstery work by isaiah ...
 parts and patterns .. we made two new frames for the seat and back upholstery .. all the foam and burlap was replaced too.
 very cool upholstery foundation design.  obviously a factory chair. i tried to find one like it on google images but no luck ... info anyone?
 very nicely laminated frame.  i have no idea how they did that ... lots of pressure somehow.  it's kind of 'folded' into shape.

 the client asked us to reinforce the base so we added a 14 gauge plate 
between the swivel and the seat.  good to go ..
update 5/31

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MDF Boards said...


These chairs are so enormous in look, I specially like the red one,i think after sitting in this chair I do not need the bed....LOL,Such a nice chairs.

Thank you...