Monday, November 11, 2013

a pair of reclaimed oak tables

well, after a long wait for the wood to arrive from west virginia, we finally wrapped up this pair of reclaimed oak tables.  they are designed for high stools and to be used both separately and together as a long skinny table, 36 x 96, or squared up at 60 x 48. 
our classic, 'bethlehem steel' bases, made from 2.5" square steel tubing and 2.5" angle iron.
  we tried to line the boards up as best we could, trimming the edge defects as required, and matching the grain.  new man on the job, chris, checks them out before gluing them up.  there were also a few 'holes' that required patching too.  as the saying goes, 'if they were on the floor, you'd trip over them'.  we did leave a lot of the natural small knotholes, which add to the reclaimed wood feeling.

before the stain, we burn the oak with a 'red dragon' torch to enhance 
both the grain patterns and the color.

in the shop, and ready for finish ..
as two separate tables
a reclaimed oak coffee table of the same 'bethlehem steel' series, only with tapered legs.


Brian Ernste said...

Beautiful! What's the finish you used in the final pictures?

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

well brian .. since you asked ... first we 'toast it' with a big torch to sort of define the grain, then we used some aniline dye (lockwood english brown oak), then we added a coat of lennmar gloss poly, some walnut minwax gelstain, and finally a top coat of satin lennmar poly. once that dried, we hit it with some 1200 paper to knock down
the nibs, and added a coat of wiping poly for the final finish .. no wax .. dan

Isabela said...

I loved it! Where I can find this table to buy? :(